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The Team
Vlad Dragusin
Founder, CEO

Vlad started Candylab and launched the first Kickstarter campaign out of his living room because he wanted to spend time doing what he likes most while pretending he's a grown up: playing with cars. Equal parts gearhead, design buff, registered architect and father of two cute little girls, we see him pulling off this toy car thing relatively easy, because he's well in touch with his inner little boy still making pine racers from just about any box and sliced corks.

Madison Cerda
Head of Marketing

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Lolita Wang
Production/Quality Control

Production problems? Dispatched. Shipping snags? Resolved. Quality issues — Squashed! We've never seen anyone that can mentally track so many things at once — and being utterly and flawlessly graceful while bending operations to her will. 

Danielle Burnett
Marketing and Sales

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Eliot Bemis
Art Direction

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Joseph Gonzales
Product Designer


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